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Our family tree is continually growing.  We hope you find our family genealogy site helpful in the search for your ancestors.  If you find a match or you have information that would help us with our research we would love to hear from you.  Thank you for visiting our Web site.  For more information contact Randall Murphy.

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  • Lewis Family Index - Brenneisen, Carroll, Carter, Childress, Dorsey, Farmer, Grabill, Graybeal, Helton, Henson, Herron, Holman, Howard, Knutti, Lapan, Lewis, Lung, Mahaley, Osborn, Osborne, Price, Roark, Sluder, Wampfler, Wampler.

  • Taylor Family Index - Angell, Barnes, Blaxton, Bradstone, Brooks, Bruning, Butcher, Carre, Catesby, Cave, Chatterton, Clarke, Clerke, Cleverly, Clifford, Constable, Cranford, Culpepper, De Astley, De Catesby, Dennis, Dobson, Feathers, Ferrers, Fisher, Fleming, Ford, Forster, Freville, Gentry, Giffard, Gordy, Green, Harvey, Hawthorne, Haxstall, Heckstall, Hesselden, Hodgson, Hopkins, Hotchkiss, Houck, Hubbard, James, Kebble, Ladbrooke, Littleton, Lovet, Marley, Melgrove, Merriott, Middleton, Montford, Montfords, Moore, Moulthrop, Musgrove, Nevett, Nevill, Nicholson, Osborn, Osborne, Packwell, Parker, Parsons, Peck, Pecke, Perkins, Perkyns, Perrot, Phillips, Pigot, Pigott, Pritchard, Rawlins, Reed, Rodborne, Savill, Saxby, Sperry, Stamper, Strawbridge, Strunk, Taylor, Thompson, Tunstall, Warner, Watford, Wembourne, Weston, Whitlock, Wilsforde, Wyatt.

Sandy's Genealogy Database

Dad's Family

Mom's Family

Taylor Family Reunion - Held annually at Stephen's Memorial Church, near West Jefferson, North Carolina, the day before Labor Day.

Murphy Family Reunion - We hope this reunion will become an annual tradition with a great turnout.

Ramsey Family Reunion - Held annually in Clinchco, Virginia, the first Sunday in August.

Genealogy Resources - This is a great genealogy research site.  It contains searchable databases including GEDCOM files submitted by individuals willing to share their family tree.

RootsWeb - Another large collection of databases and information for researching your roots.  RootsWeb is the Internet's oldest and largest genealogy site.

New River Notes - Created by Jeff Weaver, this page contains information relating to the Upper New River Valley of North Carolina and Virginia.  (Ashe, Alleghany, Watagua and Wilkes County, North Carolina and Grayson County, and Southwest Virginia).

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